Gilbert and Vitor sit down with BSN Supplements Brasil to answer fan questions.  

Sienna Motors has been one of the best sponsors of my entire career. Thank you for all your support!

Injury prevention is just as important as the training. Thank you Dr. Tony Wilcox at Acupuncture Zen for keeping me 100% throughout the entire camp!  

Episode 2 of “Road To São Paulo” is out! Check it out and be sure to share it with your friends. #TeamDurinho

UFC veteran Sean Soriano demonstrates a simple kickboxing sequence to help set up a takedown in MMA. Thank you to Sean for stopping by and being a special...

Episode 1 of “Road to Sao Paulo” is out! Like, comment and share it with your friends!  

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With the help of Sherdog and ADCC Absolute World Champion, Claudio Calasans, I show you the technique for this week, the Omoplata! For our friends who cannot...

Only a few weeks left until fight night. I’m ready. Are you?